The Regis School The best in everyone

My name is Miss Smith and I am the new Head of Acropolis, I would like to welcome you to our house. It is a pleasure to be the Head of House in Acropolis and I look forward to getting to know each of you. In the Acropolis team we have 22 tutors and our senior leadership link is Mrs Saunders. The Acropolis area is on the ground floor and mainly in the inclusion area with departments that include ACE, E-Learning, SEN and the Special Support Centre (SSC) for students with additional needs.In our area we also have Pepper the lovely Labrador. As a Head of House of Acropolis I want the students to reach their full potential and I will do anything I can to help them to achieve this. I like to build up good relationships with parents as I feel if we work together this can only benefit the students.

I have been asked to describe Acropolis house, and what better way than asking the incredible young people in Acropolis for their opinion.

  • A - Achieving
  • C - Caring
  • R - Respectful
  • O - Opportunities
  • P - Passionate
  • O - Optimistic
  • L - Limitless
  • I - Intuitive
  • S - Successful

In Acropolis we are happy, honest, trustworthy, patient and always kind to others

People in Acropolis are very friendly to each other, we also work very well together as a team
I feel great when I go to my tutor group at tutor time, I love everyone. We always work together well, people always listen. I love Take Over Tuesday
We are like one big happy family
Being in Acropolis makes me feel proud and in a safe environment. Being apart of such a friendly group they are always there for you, to pick you up when you’re down. It is such an energetic group of people that make you feel so welcome.

A place to meet and make new friends, Acropolis is smurfolicious!! Acropolis house is unique!