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Name   Job Title Email Address
H Ablett Secretary to Assistant Principal 
K Ainsworth Teacher of Business Studies 
M Argyrokastritis Teacher of Maths
S Asher Team Leader - Art and Technology (Product Design)
L Bailey Food Technology Technician
G Barlow Teacher of PE
J Bennett Team Leader - Maths (Y10 & 11)/Leader of Teaching
M Betts Director of Business
R Blunt Teacher of English
C Bourner Literacy Tutor
J Bowring Teacher of Science 
J Brakefield PA to Principal/HRA Office Manager
L Brown Data & Assessment Manager
E Buckingham Teacher of PE
J Burford Cover Supervisor 
K Butcher Examinations Officer
E Butler Receptionist/Telephonist
V Cameron-Laurie Head of Department - Visual Arts
J Camilleri Faculty Administrator
M Carter  First Aider
Carvey Teacher of Maths
P Chalkley EWO
D Chambers Teaching Assistant
A Charczun Teaching Assistant
A Chauhan Teacher of Science
A Clark Head of Department - MFL
G Clark Teacher of English (KS5)
S Colgate Art and Technology Technician
D Conrad Learning Mentor
H Cordrey Teaching Assistant SSC
R Crimmen Facilities Manager
J Crittenden Associate Assistant Principal/Dir of Specialism
Crossen Teacher of English 
J Curthoys Teacher of Product Design
C Curtis Science Technician
S Cuthbert Teacher of Maths
S Dolling Teacher of English
K Doran PA to HoF Inclusion
N Ellis  Sixth Form Learning Mentor 
F Farrage HLTA (Maths)
S Fenner Health & Wellbeing Manager
K Frayne  Teaching Assistant
J Frost 2nd in Humanities
L Fusciardi Teacher of Art 
C Gaffney Attendance Officer
C Gale Team Leader - English (Y11)
S Gallant Head of Faculty - English
S Gardiner Teacher of English 
K Gardner Assistant Principal
S Gashi Cover Supervisor
H Gaskin Teacher of Geography 
J George HLTA
L Georgiou Head of House - Amazon
A Haga-Hammond Inclusion Mentor
N Hall ICT Network Manager
Hambleton PA to Governing Body 
M Hamilton Teacher of Maths
M Harding Head of Careers
S Harding Vice Principal
Y Harvey Inclusion Mentor
K Haughey Teacher of Humanities
T Hills AV/Media Technician
A Howland Teacher of Science
G Huskinson Team Leader - Science (Y9 & 10)
A James Team Leader - PE (KS4)
C James Head of Sixth Form/Teacher of PE
Z Januszewski Teacher of RE
E Jewell Team Leader - Maths (Y7 & 8)
S Jones Team Leader - MFL (French) 
L Kaczmarz PA to Vice Principal
L Knight Finance Assistant
N Knight R2E Manager
W Knight Senior Vice Principal
M Lacy Teaching Assistant (English)  
K Lamb  Teacher of Textiles
M Lambourne Senior IT Technician
M Leahy Gateway to Learning Manager
C Lelliott Team Leader - English (Y7 & 8)/Leader of Teaching
J Lelliott Head of Performing Arts
B Leney Teacher of English
J Lewis Vice Principal
R Linton Teacher of English
J Lovelock Team Leader - PE (KS5)
Lowe Technology Technician
L Mackay Teaching Assistant  
L Mackay Receptionist/Telephonist
N Manley Teacher of Science
D Manvell Teacher of PE
A Marston Teacher of Science
J Martin Teacher of Languages
L Matten Team Leader - Health & Social Care
L McVey Team Leader - Geography
K Meaney Teacher of Dance
N Miles Finance Assistant
E Millard Head of Faculty - Humanities
C Millington Teaching Assistant
C Mitchell Head of House - Pyramids/CLA Coordinator
A Moles Team Leader - Maths (Y11)
F Mortimer PA to Vice Principal
V Muggeridge Teacher of Maths
T Munford Team Leader - Art and Technology (Music)
L Nielsen Teacher i/c SSC/Team Leader - Inclusion
D Nikolova Teacher of ICT and Computing
E Niland Teacher of Drama
S O'Connor School Sport Partnership Manager (SGO)
R Offer Teacher of Science
A Osborne Assistant Principal
S Owen Team Leader - Technology (Food)
S Palmer Transition/SLT Support
M Palomino Teacher of Art
G Parker  Head of Faculty - Inclusion (SENCO)
S Parkinson Teacher of PE
J Patten Team Leader - Science (KS3)
S Phillips Teacher of History
J Piatt Faculty/SLT Support
S Polito Teacher of MFL
S Potter Sixth Form Administrator
B Purgavie Head of Department - PE
C Rahaman Library Manager
T Ralph Head of House - Uluru
B Raworth HLTA
D Regan Site Officer (Casual)
H Reynolds Teacher of Art & Photography/Leader of Teaching
J Richards ICT Technician
A Rimmer Librarian
A Robbins Head of Science Department
K Robbins School Counsellor
K Robinson Teacher of Geography/Head of PSCHE
D Robson Head of House - Sequoia/Head of House Manager
S Roe Teacher of Science
E Rose Teacher of Health & Social Care
C Saunders Assistant Principal
H Seear Head of House - Uluru
S Sheppard Finance Assistant
D Sibert Site Officer
B Silver Head of Computing
L Smith Head of House - Acropolis
N Smith Head of Faculty - Design Technology
L Solti Senior Science Technician
D Spencer Site Officer
J Stafford Teacher of English
Starling Teaching Assistant SSC
T Stathers Teacher of Music
M Stephens 2nd in Science/Y11 Lead
L Stevenson Internal Exclusion Supervisor
E Stillman Reprographics Manager
Strmec Teacher of Science
L Taylor Leader of Media Studies/Teacher of English
C Thompson Assessment Data Coordinator
G Tribe Learning Mentor
K Trickett Head of Transition/Teacher of Humanities
C Twinn Team Leader - RE/Head of PSHCE (maternity cover)
L Uncles Team Leader - PE (KS3)
E Van der Ark Teacher of Maths
V Vassiliou Head of Business and ICT/Leader of Achievement KS4
V Walker Assistant Principal/Professional Tutor
A Wallis Teacher of Humanities
K Ward Teacher of English
S Watson Teacher of Textiles
S Weston Head of Department - Maths
N Wiles Head of House - Everest
N Wilgoss Teaching Assistant
J Williams Secretary to Sport Partnership Development
S Williams Cover Manager
M Witek Teaching Assistant (EAL)
P Wojtas TEFL Instructor
D Wood Team Leader - Science (KS5)
C Woods Administrative Assistant
D Wray Team Leader - Science (Y7 & 8)/Leader of Teaching
C Wyles KS4 Wellbeing and Progress Mentor
J Young Inclusion Mentor