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You said, we did...


You said...
We did...
You said that it was not clear when we return back to school from a holiday, if the week was week 'A' or 'B' We have put on the website under 'Parents, important dates', which weeks start with week 'A'.
 You said that you wanted more regular feedback on your son’s/daughter’s progress We now report at 4 times over the academic year as well as making staff more acceessible
You said that you wanted access to homework being set for your son/daughter We introduced an online homework tracker that gives you daily access to homework for all students
You said that you wanted easier access to members of staff All staff e-mail addresses are now available to you through the school’s web-site
You said you wanted more information about what is happening at school The Prinicpal now writes a monthly newseltter summarising what is happening at school.


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