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The Pupil Premium funding, which is provided for students in receipt of free school meals, children looked after and also students with a parent currently serving/or having served in the armed forces in the last six years, is allocated to the school to address the issues associated with social disadvantage and support those students working below the expected levels for The Regis School. The aim of the funding is to narrow and eventually close any differences between their attainment and that of all students. When making appropriate provision for these children we also acknowledge that not all students in receipt of Pupil Premium are educationally disadvantaged.  Qualifying pupils in 2017-18 result in the school receiving a grant of the amount £371,485.  The Senior Leader responsible for overseeing our pupil premium students is Senior Vice Principal, Mr Will Knight (

How do I get more information about claiming the Pupil Premium?

Parents can apply even if they don’t want to take up free school meals (over £300 of free meals!), as this funding can assist your child in many other ways, from extra tuition to assistance with school trips. So that we can benefit from this extra funding, please contact the Business manager, Mr Mark Betts (  if you need help applying or if you need more information from the Local Authority (and an application form) click on the link below. 

Through our work and evolved ethos as a Right Respecting School it is our firm belief that the rights of all children are upheld and that those with more support needs or who are disadvantaged receive the relevant support in order for them to achieve their full potential.

‘The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children’ Article 3 UNCRC

‘Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full’ Article 29 UNCRC 

‘Governments must provide extra money for the children of families in need’ Article 26 UNCRC

In our context, some Pupil Premium students flourish but others have the following barriers to achieving in school, known to us by the use of performance, attendance and behaviour data as well as frequent discussions with the students themselves:

* Low self esteem

* Low aspirations  

* Poorer attendance

* Lower literacy and numeracy ability

* Other welfare issues that result in students not 'ready to learn'

Review of 2016/17 to help improve attainment further this academic year:

In 2017 our PP students performed significantly better than in 2016 in the new Basics measure.  46% of students gained a level 4 pass in both English and maths outcomes for PP students showing improvements of 16% and 32% achieved a grade 5 pass on the same measure.  While we celebrate this achievement we know that the outcomes gap internally on most progress measures and the overall progress (progress 8) of Pupil Premium students is not yet good enough and funding is earmarked for further academic support, as seen in the links below. 

We recognise that the attendance of Pupil Premium students was below national averages as was persistent absence. We are therefore allocating additional funding next year to improve this situation, knowing that good attendance is crucial in giving students the best chance to secure better attainment. 

We also recognise that while the numbers of students receiving sanctions remains low the Pupil Premium cohort received relatively more sanctions than other students in the school. To continue to address this funding is being used to further improve motivation to learn and raising aspirations - with targets to reduce the percentage of sanctions over the next academic year and increase the rewards when we catch Pupil Premium students being good.

The Staff and Governors of the Regis School are committed to working in partnership with students and parents / carers to ensure that provision is made which guarantees learning for all students so that everyone makes maximum progress and reaches their potential. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all groups of students and is constantly reviewed to ensure it meets this objective.

The school welcomes and shares the government’s aim of tackling all forms of social disadvantage and wants to provide everyone with opportunities that will support inclusion: by focusing on providing full access to opportunities available to others, support to improve attendance and ultimately securing the best possible educational outcomes for each individual student.

The Regis school will account for all Pupil Premium money in an open and responsible way and all provision will be regularly reviewed and evaluated.

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