The Regis School The best in everyone


“The big red tree house”

Welcome to Sequoia House. In our house we aim high, think big and strive to let our aspirations grow as tall as the trees that we are named after. 

Sequoia House is a family that welcomes all our students and their families into The Regis School community and provides an environment where we aim to ensure that every member our house is supported to achieve their potential.  In our team there are 14 mentor groups led mainly by staff from the Maths and Creative Arts Faculties.  The Head of Sequoia House is Mrs Robson who also teaches PE.  Mr Knight, Vice Principal, is our linked Senior Leadership team member.  As a team we have great strength and character standing side by side to support and nurture the students within our House.

In Sequoia we are proud to belong and proud of what we achieve. We support the Rights Respecting Schools vision, recognising our own rights and those of others but clearly recognising our responsibilities. We wear our badges with pride. 

In Sequoia there are 40 House Leaders across all age groups who are responsible for a variety of roles within the school and who confidently deliver sessions in mentor time and support younger students. 

We love sport and we are  the current school champions of both our Winter and Summer Sports Day’s. We love a challenge and will work hard to reap our successes. We are committed to achieving House points for all aspects of school life and work diligently towards the House awards. 

Internationally we represent the two countries of our tree’s origin, America and Canada.  We try to recognise significant dates linked to our international countries and hope to develop relationships in the future with schools in our partner countries.

What do the student’s think ……

  • “Sequoia is big and mighty just like the tree it’s named after. “
  • “Each student is like a little leaf on one big family tree.”
  • “ It is a “tree rific” house which is always growing. It supports its student so that when they leave The Regis School they are ready to branch out into the big wide world.”
  • “Sequoia is pink like cherryade and candy floss, we are happy bright and fun”
  • “We are a good house because we have a wide variety of tutors from Creative Arts, PE and Maths teams. “
  • “We are brilliant, fantastic, fabulous, welcoming, one big family.”
  • “We support each other. “