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Continuing Professional Development of Staff at TRS

Professional development for all staff at The Regis School is recognised as central to improving the quality of learning and achievement for our students. All staff are entitled to access continuing professional development (CPD) and are expected to take personal responsibility for their own professional development. At The Regis School we believe effective CPD is a learning opportunity which enables staff to keep their skills and knowledge at the cutting edge of practice, keep up to date with changes and developments in the curriculum and further enhance their pedagogy. It encourages innovation based on knowledge and research, and, most importantly, enables staff to be the best they can be in order to provide the very best provision for our young people.

To ensure CPD is effective we encourage staff to select from a range of strategies to best meet their individual learning needs including

  • Action research whilst in the classroom
  • Observing others teach and sharing good practice through Professional Learning Communities
  • Having a ‘coach’ or ‘mentor’ to guide development
  • External courses and further learning ie Masters degree or the Middle Leaders Development Programme
  • Contributing articles to the school Teaching and Learning publication ‘Leading Edge’, to extend their practice and share this practice widely

As a result of staff being able to personalise their CPD, we are able to create the right opportunities for staff, which in turn will support the school’s relentless drive to raise standards in teaching and learning, providing the very best provision for all of our young people to succeed.

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Welcome to OnTrack, an introduction to Professional Learning at The Regis School.

This is a booklet to help guide staff through the CPD opportunities available at The Regis School, for further information contact Jo Gessey on