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Homework and Independent Learning

Homework plays an important role in supporting and extending the work a student has started in the classroom. The habit of undertaking work independently is essential if students are to achieve high standards in their examinations. At TRS we set homework which we hope a child will find relevant, challenging and beneficial. All students are set homework and are expected to complete it. Most parents find that homework is not a problem if a child acquires this habit right at the start of Year 7. Parents are able to access their son/daughters’ homework by visiting the link below.

This contains details of all homework tasks. Homework should also be recorded in your child’s Student Organiser and we ask parents to check and countersign these entries on a weekly basis.

For information and instructions on how to use please click here.

If students need a reminder of their code, their tutor can look this up. We encourage parents to look at homework with their children regularly, and to help keep track of what needs to be completed by using the same log in on a computer or on the app. 

Please note that classcharts is best supported by google chrome when it is used on a PC.

If you have any queries about a specific piece of homework, please contact the class teacher in the first instance.