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At The Regis School students are expected to wear the school uniform outlined below. We believe that this helps to remove the pressure and expense from parents/carers of passing teenage fashions and it creates a sense of identity and belonging. It also supports the notion that a uniform or dress code is representative of a professional environment, thus helping to create an appropriate learning environment. If a pupil fails to attend in full school uniform or their appearance does not comply with our expectations, contact will be made with home in order that the situation can be rectified. In some circumstances a student may be sent home to change or may be expected to complete their learning in the isolation room.

  • White shirt (long or short sleeve) with House Coloured tie
  • Knitted v neck long sleeved jumper with sky blue stripe in the neck OR knitted v neck sleeveless jumper with sky blue stripe in the neck
  • Black business jacket with school logo (note this logo is unique to your son/daughters house)
  • Bespoke school skirt (as from September 2015) available only from our uniform supplier
  • Tailored black trousers - loose fitting at the ankles (7" minimum width).  No tight fitting 'stretch' material trousers allowed.
  • Plain black school shoes (plain black or plain white socks)


Students are expected to wear plain black leather or similar school shoes. We are aware that some shoe retailers such as Clarks have brought out footwear which looks similar to a trainer. This type of footwear is permitted as long as it is totally plain black (excluding any type of coloured logo). Students are not permitted to wear footwear such as, trainers of any colour (including black); shoes with high heels; platforms; flip flops/sandals; plimsolls/canvas shoes; boots of any kind; and any footwear that offers no protection from a health and safety point of view. Students are expected to wear plain black or plain white socks, students are not permitted to wear patterned or coloured socks.

Please note further guidance (including pictures) of acceptable and unacceptable footwear can be found on our website. If you are unclear of which footwear is suitable please contact us at the school in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure.


The school follows County guidance with regards to jewellery on the grounds of health and safety. Consequently students are permitted to wear one pair of stud earrings, one watch and one ring. A single nose piercing is permissible but must be a clear small stud or retainer and therefore any nose piercing will need to take place at the start of the 6 week summer break to enable time for the original stud to heal and be replaced with a clear one.  No other facial or body piercing is allowed.


A wide variety of hairstyles are permissible, but those which border upon (or cross) the bizarre are not, on the grounds that they represent an unacceptable image of the school. Unacceptable styles include skinhead, punk, mohican and unnatural colouring including bleached hair. Razor cuts or shaved heads forming patterns to the scalp also come into this category.

Make-up and Nails

A light base make-up may be worn but no excessive make-up including heavy eye liner or eye brow enhancing.

Nail varnish or false nails are not allowed


Whilst the above guidance on school uniform and our expectations are not an exhaustive list, it is intended to give sufficient guidance to ensure our students are dressed appropriately for school and we thank our parents/carers for supporting us in this. Should you require any further guidance regarding the school uniform and our expectations please do not hesitate to contact us at the school.


The Regis School PE kit


  • PE polo
  • Rain jacket
  • PE shorts
  • Plain black swimwear and towel
  • Trainers


  • Games jersey
  • Socks


  • Fleece (unisex)

Optional items

  • Nike rain trousers
  • Socks (optional for girls only)
  • Fleece (optional boys only)
  • Football boots and shin pads

A thick polythene bag is useful for wet or muddy kit. A sports bag, shoulder bag or large drawstring bag to contain PE kit is essential.

Please note we strongly recommend that students do not bring valuable items to school, such as mobile phones, iPods, expensive or sentimental jewellery etc. Please leave them at home! The school is not insured for such items.

Current School Uniform and PE kit suppliers
Address JW Sports
55 High Street,
Bognor Regis,
West Sussex
Telephone 01243 860266