The Regis School The best in everyone

Inclusion Faculty has the departments ACEGifted and Talented, Elearning and SEN.   

The Inclusion Faculty at The Regis School is at the core of the college incorporating the following departments: ACE, E-Learning, SEN, Gifted and Talented and the Special Support Centre (SSC) for students with additional needs.  

Support is provided across the curriculum for students with a range of learning, sensory, physical, emotional and behavioural needs. Abilities and achievements of all students are valued; with our aim being to enable all students to access an appropriate curriculum and to reach their full potential as independent learners.

A large team of staff with a variety of skills and expertise are involved in maintaining and developing an inclusive and caring community, which reflects the wider concepts of support that exists within the school, taking into account the outcomes of the Every Child Matters agenda:

  • being healthy
  • staying safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • making a positive contribution
  • achieving economic well-being

The Faculty liaises with and works in partnership with parents/carers and a wide range of outside agencies, providing a Team Round the Child which ensures that early and appropriate intervention /provision is in place to support individual needs.

The Inclusion Faculty is instrumental in empowering students to achieve in a variety of contexts