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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you know if the students will be put with other students they may know, and do they get to identify people that they know so this can be done?

Tutor groups have been allocated. You will receive confirmation as to who your tutor is during the W/B 6th July. We have placed students with at least one other student from their current school.


When will the students find out their tutors?

All parents/carers will receive a phone call or email from the tutor introducing themselves within the next week or so.


Will they be doing the fingerprint system when they attend school on the first day?

This will form part of Year 7’s morning activities on the 7th September. We will be of course, following government guidance by providing hand sanitiser.


As the current situation is changing all the time will we receive more information over the summer period?

We will be communicating with you during the Week of the 6th July regarding our Parental Engagement Day on the 8th September. We will also be updating parents as to September arrangements prior to the end of term, as per government guidance.


Do you plan for them to start back full time on the first day of term or will this be staggered?

You will be getting more information regarding tutor groups and the setup of the school next week, this will also cover the information about starting, depending on government guidance. What we are confident about is that Year 7 will be starting on 7th September and they will have the whole school to themselves for the 7th and 8th September. Exact timings of the day will be provided before the end of term.


Where do we go on our first day please?

Come to the front of the building and there will many members of staff outside to direct the students.


Will the new intake have some time in the school before the rest of the school start back in September?

The new Year 7’s will be the only cohort in the building on the 7th September and the 8th September. This will be a full transition programme.


Do you think we will still be able to use the cookery room, Design and Technology room, do experiments and use other equipment in September?

We are awaiting government guidance on this one. We hope we will be able to, we are in the process of updating our risk assessment based on recent government guidance.


Can you confirm the compulsory PE uniform as we are hearing conflicting advice regarding the rain jackets?

A plain rain jacket is compulsory, but not necessarily a TRS Jacket.


How many subjects will we be doing in Year 7?

You will have 14 subjects: History, RE, English, Science, Maths, Geography, PSHE, Product Design, Computer Science, PE, Music, Dance, Drama, Art


Do we get a detention if we are not on time for class in the first week?

No, staff will be understanding. We will support you with a tour of the building on your first morning.


When do we get our school timetable?

On the first day in September, your tutor will give this to you.


When does the school day start?



Do you wear the same colour tie all the time we are there?

Yes, you will have a tie that indicates your year group. Year 7 are known as the class of 2025, as you will finish your GCSE’s in 2025.


Do we have any non-school uniform days?

Yes – these are great fun and always for charity.


Are we allowed to take our blazers off during class?

Yes, with your teachers’ permission.


What will we learn in computing?

You will learn about staying safe online and tools to make the best use of the computers.


On our first day, will we go straight into learning (after getting our tour and timetable) or will there be time to meet our new form group friends and do some ice breakers?  I won’t know any of the students at all because all my friends are going to a different school.

You will have at least two hours with your tutor group on the first day, where you will have a tour and be provided with your timetable. You will have time to get to know each other over these two days, there will be some ice breaker activities to get to know others in your groups. We have made sure that when students have come from schools on their own, we have matched them with other pupils who are in the same situation.


I am happy to see you have school dogs. When do we have the chance to see them at school?

You will be able to meet the dogs in September. We have two school dogs. One is a long-haired Dachshund called Arthur, the other a Golden Retriever called Winnie. They both love their jobs working with the students. They are based in the Inclusion Department


Will we be able to use school sports equipment at break times and lunchtimes? 

We have only just had the guidance on schools returning in September, there is some equipment available, such as the football pitches and these will be used in line with guidance at the time.


What is the plan for starting back in September, first day etc? Will we know before the end of this term?

At this time, the plan is for your child to come in on the 7th and 8th September. They will have the whole school to themselves. There will be a full introduction package and you will receive all these details before term ends.


How we go about paying for a locker? 

In the first 2 days in September, there will be the opportunity to purchase a locker.  Lockers are £10 (£5 of which is a deposit, so this will be returned when the key is returned, usually at the end of the school year.)


Will we be sent a timetable ahead of their first day at school?

We will provide timetables on the first day of school. The first two days will be Year 7 only.


Will Year 6 be given an opportunity to come into school and meet their tutor/tutor group before September?

We are unable to facilitate this, as per government guidelines. The new tutors will be ringing to introduce themselves next week. The first two days will have a full transition programme to get to know those in their tutor group.


Do you think you will be running normal after school clubs in September because of Coronavirus?

We have only just received the guidance on what school will look like in September, so we will ensure all our plans fit with government guidance. We hope to be running clubs as soon as we are able too.


Will the students get a chance to name a friend that they'd like to be with for tutor groups etc?

The tutor groups have been allocated for all the students, but I can tell you that each student has been placed with at least one other from their current school.  In addition, we were given this information from their primary school so have taken their advice on who to place with.


What is the earliest the school opens its doors in the morning for students? 



When does the last lesson finish at the end of the day (before homework club and sport activities?)

The end of the day Monday - Thursday is 2.55pm, on a Friday we have an early finish of 2.30pm.


What is the start date for autumn term in September?

The start date for year 7 is the 7th September.


Now that the recent news has said that whole year groups can return in September, do have to stay within year group bubbles?  How will this work in secondary school, as students must move around the school to different tutors? This works in primary as taught by only one teacher.

 Please bear with us on this one, we will be updating our school plans based on this guidance and will inform parents in due course.


Will our students be given the chance to return to school before all other year groups for a period to familiarise themselves around the school building and find their way around confidently?

All Year 7 will have two days in September without any other year groups, to complete a transition programme. This will include a tour of the school.


Do students need to arrive on their first day with full PE kit? if not, what will they need to bring on their first day?

Please do bring in PE kit on the first day. We will send confirmation before the end of the term our full September plans based on government guidance.

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