Everest House

As Head of House for Everest, I truly believe that we have many excellent qualities as a house and we truly do strive to be the best. I think our tutor groups can say it all much better than I can!
Mrs Wiles, Head of Everest House

P1 - Everest:  If you climb to the top you will succeed. At the top of Mount Everest we are looking down on all the other wonders of the world!

P2 - We like being in Everest because we are all really close and like a big family.

P3 - EVEREST – To reach the top is a long hard slog – but worth it in the end! So too are the ups and downs in life.

P4 - We all climb high in Everest House

P5 - We all work together as a house, We have a great tutor and a Head of House that will always help you.

P6 - Everest is a great house to belong too as we have a great Head of House which helps us through our school year. We are a very good sporting house looking to win sports day in 2012 and the ongoing years. We have supportive tutors which also help us with any troubles during school.

P7 - Everest is the best! We love being in Everest.

P8 -Everest is simply the best. We are sure they made that song for our house. And let’s not forget about Mrs Wiles she is helpful and Amazing!

P9 - Everest is full of inspiration and positive attitudes.

P10 - Everest is the best thing that ever happened to this school. It is the most exciting and productive house. We have the lovely Mrs Wiles who is always there for us and makes the purple floor full of smiles as you walk through it is friendly and happy and loved.

P11 - Everest is a hard mountain to climb but when you reach the top it is incredible, this really is how I would describe my house and my tutor is awesome.

P12 - In Everest there are so many Happy Supported Students’ and the teachers are all equally supportive.

P13 - Everest is the best house ever.  Everest represents Mount Everest which is the biggest mountain in the world. We aim high because we want to be on top. Everest is also known for sport-related achievements and we are cool people. Purple is our favorite colour.

P14 - If the Regis were Hogwarts then Everest would definitely be Gryffindor!! Our house is cool, competitive and just generally the best!!!  And who needs Professor McGonagal when we have Mrs Wiles!

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